Tuesday, March 3, 2009


LYG Sri Lanka was announced as the proud host of AGM of LYSA – 2009 by the executive committee of LYSA by considering the bidding proposals forwarded by the member organizations. LYSA will also conduct its very first workshop in 2009 for its members from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Pakistan on Global Financial Crisis: Chances and Challenges for Liberalism. Initial concept of the workshop was also drafted and presented by LYG Sri Lanka as a part of the bidding that was submitted and the majority of LYSA and the activities of its member countries in this year will be based on the same theme. Workshop followed by the AGM is scheduled from 24th to 28th March, 2009 and the venue is yet to be finalized. With the objective of being truly a regional organization LYSA has extended its invitation to Maldives to take part in the AGM in order to explore the possibilities of being part of LYSA and the process is facilitated by LYG Sri Lanka with its regional rapport that it has built up over the years.

LYG Sri Lanka and the organizing committee of AGM of LYSA are exited to welcome all the delegates to Sri Lanka, “A country like No other”.

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